Minibáger SWE 18B

  1. Technické informácie
    Specifications Unit SWE18B
    Dimension (L×W×H) mm 3820X980X2378
    Working Range A Max. Digging Height mm 3509
    B Max. Loading Height mm 2482
    C Max. Digging Depth mm 2155
    D Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth mm 1551
    E Max. Digging Reach mm 3850
    F Max. Digging Reach at Ground Level mm 3472
    G Max. Lifting Height of Blade mm 211
    H Max. Digging Depth of Blade mm 270
    R Min. Swing Radius mm 1686
    Length & width of Blade mm 1310*267
    Overall Weight Rubber Track t 1.84
    Steel Track t
    Standard Bucket Capacity 0.04
    Bucket Digging Force kN 22.7
    Stick Digging Force kN 11.24
    Max. Traction kN 15.9
    Power kW/rpm 14.7/2200
    Swing Speed rpm 9