Midibáger SWE 90UF

  1. Technické informácie
    Parameter List
    Size(L×W×H) 5920×2320×2685mm(19’5“×7’7“×8’10“)
    Outline dimension A)Wheel-base 2335mm(7’8“)
    B)Crawler length 2920mm(9’1“)
    C)Ground clearance of platform 760mm(2’6“)
    D)Tail slewing radius of platform 1295mm(4’3“)
    E)Chassis width 2320mm(7’7“)
    F)Crawler width 450mm(18“)
    G)Ground clearance of chassis 345mm(14“)
    H)Crawler height 660mm(2’2“)
    I)  Shipping length 5920mm(19’5“)
    J) Shipping height 2685mm(8’10“)
    K) Shipping width 2320mm(7’7“)
    Operating range a)Max. digging height 7005mm(23’)
    b)Max. dumping height 4950mm(16’3“)
    c)Max. digging depth 3955mm(13’)
    d)Max. vertical digging depth 3480mm(11’5“)
    e)Max. digging radius 6420mm(21’1“)
    f) Max. digging reach at ground level 6250mm(20’6“)
    g)Max. lifting height of bulldozer blade 410mm(16“)
    h)Max. digging depth of bulldozer blade 280mm(11“)
    I) Min. slewing radius 2215mm(7’3“)
    Bulldozer blade(Length×Width) 2320×430mm(7’7“×17“)
    Performance parameters Operating weight(rubber track / steel track) 9/9.2t(19842/20283lb)
    Standard bucket capacity 0.3m³(0.39yd³)
    Bucket digging force 55kN(12364lbf)
    Bucket rod digging force 38kN(8542lbf)
    Traveling speed 4.5/2.7km/h(2.8/1.7mph)
    Ground pressure 35.4kPa(5.1psi)
    Swing speed 11.2rpm
    Engine Brand Yanmar
    Power 46.2kW/2200rpm(62hp)
    Displacement 3.32L(202.63in³)
    Oil tank capacity Diesel 125L(33gal)
    Hydraulic oil 80L(21gal)