Kompaktný nakladač SWL 2820

  1. Technické informácie
    Model SWL2820
    Dimension(L×B×H) mm 3261X1600X2018
    Working parameters A Max.operatingaltitude mm 3850
    B Height tobucket hinge pin mm 3002
    C Height to topof cab mm 2018
    D Height to bottom of level bucket mm 2834
    E Overalllength without attachment mm 2475
    F Overalllength with standard bucket mm 3261
    G Max.heightof the unloaded angle ° 42
    H Dumping height mm 2320
    J Dumping reach mm 475
    K Bucket onthe groud of the flip angle ° 30
    L Bucket atthe highest flip angle ° 97
    M Wheelbase mm 987
    P Ground clearance mm 190
    Q Angle ofdeparture ° 25
    R Without the attachments before turning radius mm 1168
    S Before turningradius mm 1954
    T After turningradius mm 1534
    U Tail length(rear axle to bumper) mm 960
    V Two tires(track) center distance mm 1293
    W Bucket width mm 1600
    Total weight kg 2780
    Performance Loading capacity kg 725
    Tipping load kg 1450
    Bucket breakout forece lift kg 2000
    Boom breakout forece lift kg 1900
    Max.speed Km/h 13.6